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  • All sitess: New features our now out there :)

    September 7, 2018 by Matthew Lechtenberg
  • Hello there so here is an update on our projects that we are even still working on.  We have been working on vincemedia.com (our weather network that will allow you to view weather from both computer and mobile devices) Including the following:


    -All users from there cell phone will be redirected to a mobile website that we set up.
    -With weather its the same for mobile but it will require for you to be a client of ours
    -Current weather conditions are on both mobile and computer access
    -Preview link will be displayed on the bottom of this news


    -The entire site is all designed to be mobile friendly for both new and current clients.

    Our other sites (sitemc.net, matt-cast.com, etc)

    -We are working on those as we speak to make them more user friendly just like with wxmapit.com and vincemedia.com (one project at a time)

    Previews from cell phone can be found at:

    Here you go: :) 


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