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  January 7, 2020  by  Matthew Lechtenberg
Good afternoon all. We are proud to announce that if you are a client of ours you can can now access the weather (ad free) as part of your membership. This will include..................
  July 3, 2019  by  Matthew Lechtenberg
We are currently updating our software that inform's us of how the servers are doing. This service has been disabled for the time being. Thank you :)
  May 30, 2019  by  Matthew Lechtenberg
Good evening everyone :) we want to make an announcement tonight that vincemedia.com v2 has been released! All what you have to do is go to vincemedia.com and you will see........
  May 2, 2019  by  Matthew Lechtenberg
Good morning, Over the last few week's we have been starting the work on a new version of our website Vincemedia.com. As you know of our website vincemedia.com is for weather information for the lower 48 States of the United States. Starting a few week ago we made a duplicate copy of the site to create a new updated version of it in order to..............
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